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How Do I download a file from your website?

To download an animation, click on the download-button and select “save file”. Now click “ok”. The file will be saved to your download-folder. Check your browser-settings for the location of your download-folder.

Is it safe to download from your website?

It’s totally safe to download animations from our website. No forced downloads, no spyware, no toolbars, no pop-ups and of course no viruses. You will simply get the selected video-file, nothing else.

Is it really FREE or is there a catch?

No catch, our animations are free to use in your video-production. Please read the License Agreement (main menu) or Licensing-FAQ below for more information.

How often do you upload new animations?

We try to add new content to this site as often as possible, so please come back and visit us again.

Licensing Questions

Where can I find your License Information?

Please use the link “License Information” in the main menu. There you can find the License Agreement itself and as a downloadable PDF-file. Please also read the following FAQ.

May I use your Animations in my Youtube-Video?

Of course you’re allowed to use our free loops and animations in your Youtube-videos. You may use them for example in your title-sequence or as a background for your greenscreen-clip.

I would like to use your animations in my monetized videos on youtube. Am i allowed to do this?

If you want to use our animations in your commercial videos on Youtube or any other OVP (Online Video Platform), please use the HQ/HD-versions of our loops available at They are provided in a much higher quality in Full-HD at a very low price. That also helps us to create more animations and continue our free service. But of course, you may also use our free animations instead.

Am I allowed to provide your Animations on my homepage for download?

No. Uploading our animations to your own webspace or file hosting services is strictly prohibited! If you discover a website providing our animations, please let us know immediately.

Am I allowed to provide your Animations on Youtube?

Of course you’re allowed to use our free videos in your work on youtube (e.g. as intros, backgrounds or for a credit screen), but please don’t upload them unmodified as stock-animations.

May I distribute your Animations in my Screensaver or App?

No. You’re not allowed to use our animations inside screensavers or an App and provide it for download or sale.

May I create my own templates, project files or Stock-footage with your animations?

No. Creating new background loops or templates with the help of our animations and provide them to other people (via internet, DVD etc) is strictly prohibited. If you discover a website providing templates including our animations, please let us know immediately.

I want to use your Animations in a different way, but I can’t find out if it is allowed. Where can I get an answer?

Please use the contact-page and describe your concern as explicitly but concisely as possible. Please note, that we receive a lot of emails each day and it may take a while for us to respond.

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